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General information

According to Google analytics, more than 6,5 mln gadgets on U.S. territory are used in Russian language

Media complex, audience, team

24/7 media complex
Strong international team

Our audience

Subscribers: 19 000Views: 80 000
Subscribers: 560 Views: 7000
Subscribers: 6 800Views: 775 000
Subscribers: 250Views: 107 000
Subscribers: 5770Views: 50 000
TotalSubscribers: 32 380Views: 1 020 000/month

Audience reach and interactions (examples)

Porsche design grand opening
Views: 1.3 mlnLikes: 11kShares: 13k
Mar-o-Lago. Our visit to Trump residence
Views: 162k Likes: 1.8kShares: 13k
Aurora groundbreak In Miami
Views: 122k Likes: 1kShares: 560
Presidential candidate Ksenia Sobchak interview
Views: 107k Likes: 909Shares: 775

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